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Marie Gravey, Lyon-based translator and conference interpreter


I am a native French translator who earned a Master’s degree (DESS) in literary translation from ISTI in Brussels in 2002.

I have spent the past fifteen years translating for an array of clients, including publishing companies, advertising agencies and industry actors.
In 2014, I also became an interpreter after pursuing a two-year Master’s degree in conference interpretation in Germersheim,
Germany (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Rhineland Palatinate).
I am committed to perpetuating the two professions I cherish which is why I spent several years teaching translation courses at the undergraduate and Master’s (M1) level at the University of Lyon 2 (journalistic translation and translation methodology) and, more recently, teaching consecutive interpretation at the Germersheim Institute.
I am a member of the French national union of professional translators (SFT) and endorse its Code of Professional Conduct: 
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Interprétation & Communication is a product of my desire to work in a network to encourage the development and pooling of skills. Over time, the network will grow and continue to foster cooperation between highly skilled professionals, primarily in the fields of conference interpretation, creative translation and corporate communication.


Private sector companies, government ministries, consulates, international organizations, unions

Advertising agencies, publishing houses.

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Continuing Professional Development

2017-2019: University Diploma (DU) in labour law, University of Dijon

 20-10-2017: Course on translating contracts (German-French)

 20-05-2015: Course on finance and economics for conference interpreters


Media coverage

Marie Gravey: Flair for the written word and finesse with the spoken word


Marie Gravey is a 39-year old German and English to French translator who recently added conference interpretation to her skillset (A: French; B: German; C: English). Based in Lyon, France, Marie has found the perfect balance with these two facets of the profession. Since recently obtaining her Master’s degree in Germersheim (Germany), Marie has confirmed that interpretation is the ideal companion for her translation business. “I delved into the sector out of a desire for social interaction rather than for financial reasons, since translation can be quite solitary on a day-to-day basis,” she explained. For now, Marie still spends most of her time translating corporate communication documents, conference proceedings and texts in the social sciences and humanities for clients in the business, academic and publishing sectors, but she intends to devote an increasing share of her time to interpretation in the future. “I like having the time to fine-tune a translation, but when interpreting I also enjoy the spontaneity of language when communicating in real time. When you get the chance to interpret an excellent speaker, there are endless opportunities to really play with the art of the spoken word.” Already, this new facet of her business has encouraged her to carefully structure the way she organizes her work. She is constantly adding new technical terms used in her translation work to different glossaries...which she then proceeds to memorize, since you never know the topic of the next conference!


Interview by Franck Jourdain

Published in Tradzine, the newsletter of the French translators’ association (SFT) – June 2016